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contract-miner Promo ImageFirst you need to Sign Up then you need to go on My Account, click on the header menu on the default profile image and from the drop-down menu select My Account, there you can see your account History and in top of the page 2 different tabs, like this pic, click on Settings Overview, here you can find and setup your Account Settings. Create a persnal PIN and connect your address or even more your Xapo email, now you can start claim/create your first Contract by default for 5 minutes (which is the Faucet game per 5 minutes).

Every 5 minutes you can start/end your contracts and you can claim your earnings based on your MH/s, for start you can start with 500 MH/s for free and every 30 minutes you can claim even more Free MH/s from the MHs Faucet from the header menu.

Everytime you start/end a contract you earn some EXP points and everytime you claim more Free MH/s you can also earn some EXP points and everytime you redeem a withdraw you can also earn some EXP points, EXP points will help you to upgade levelships, by default level, you can claim 1 MH/s per 30 minutes, once you upgrade in the Level 1 you can claim per 30 minutes 1.01 MH/s, on Level 2 you can claim per 30 minutes 1.02 MH/s etc.

Happy Earnings!

100% Legit.  
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What is Bitcoin Mining?

As I wrote the Bitcoin decentralized transaction systems in article about Bitcoin "mining" process - that  user applications (Bitcoin network) computer resource amount the transaction approval process is called "mining" which performs user called "miner".
Under This model is designed for many business website, and a good, and a liar as well as what was previously common in PTC of various matrix, hippy sites and elsewhere.
Web mining is evaluated sometimes with the aid of software graphing applications.
Or just set generating type notional actions where mining to examine and use data such as,
The structure of a particular mining site is with fully automatic process.
 when you join;
You receive or buy mining power, and since this depends your getting
Earning Rate: for example you get 0.0000004 BTC/min
Daily Rate: 0.0006 BTC/day
And your invest BTC, continue by existing resources or by the rules (by mutual agreement) generated by BTC to reach Withdraw limit You asks for payment. Then you pay and everywhere is calculated fees. Who is one of the ways to make the BTC and you and the website owner.

And such a Mining sites is the sites of passive earnings.
which means that there is no need to spend time to be on site permanently. You can visit the site when you were willing and overview of what is happening. 
Only in some of them better come every day - to withdraw the bonus of BTC and re-activate it.
Several of such use a long time ago and so far I am satisfied.