Tuesday, November 8, 2016

72,000 Satoshi every day for free can be increased a hundredfold

Edited after three days;
Well here three days have passed and from 2016.11.11 free the building Expired - at the moment a free building finished. 
True, you can just buy a new building if you want to earn more. But that's what it describes.

Refer your friends to Wild Bitcoin, it's just a faucet every 10 minutes you will get 130 Satoshi, or choose position every hour and get more.

Excellent possibility from Crypto City game, which will allow you access to the virtual currency Bitcoin for free.
After signing up you get one free of charge building and every day this building will bring you 72,000 Satoshi wich you can withdraw to your Bitcoin walletYou can get 72,000 Satoshi every day free of charge, if not lazy to visit the site every 10 minutes.
For some, it's a game, but certainly there are people who have been waiting for the opportunity to earn.
0.00072000 BTC, which will be about $ 0.5050
But this amount can be increased a hundredfold, since;
Now add a new invited members from each of the game by invited bring you a 10% from the buildings purchasing (for example cost in BTC , House 0.02; Elite House 0.05; and still rising prices, 15 positions up to the most expensive Oil Factory which cost 100 Bitcoin) and plus 10% from the income which has your partner, playing Crypto City game!
Crypto City game give an opportunity to earn additionally and it is profitable!

As member Crypto City game you will be able to earn Earn 200% from the sum of buildings purchasing.
So, for those who will try to earn a lot, it's them, maybe not so important to limit the amount that can be WIthdraw in your wallet, and the other is good news because the minimum amount which you can request to payment is 0.00005000 BTC.

P.S. This is perfectly functioning system, but as the saying is - time is the best tester.
Therefore, as to all the sites I suggest you invest investment so that not to feel frustrated.
And time will tell how much is safe and profitable.

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