Wednesday, November 16, 2016

And why do you need to have the Bitcoin??

"On January 3rd, 2009, an anonymous computer programmer (or programmers) going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain, kickstarting the world’s first fully realized crypto-currency." 

Who could have known that only creating Blockchain offers to invest in Bitcoin and become a partner forever just for 1 US dollar, offering 1BTC.

During these years, Bitcoin exchange rate was raised to $1 000 and more for 1BTC, then fell to around $320 for 1BTC. Today 1BTC = about $710 USD. For more than four months course of BTC rise and of course will continue, so that;

Bitcoin is the best of the best investment and that is why;

Digital currency Bitcoin becoming more and more pervasive currency.
Is it a simple popularity, and everything is done on the basis of popularity??
- the most important advantage that determines its choice, it is that no global economic organizations that can control its value. No onecontrols it. Plus another reason is, that Bitcoin exchange rate is growing constantly. 

Now can use Bitkoin online in shop or the store where you buy the food, take off your money from an ATM, it's easy and quick and everywhere in the world where using Master Card or Visa.
Bitcoin is gaining popularity, and soon it will be called one of the best choices.
At present, the price of most available and is expected to soon rise as the latter, the most important and well-known global institutions, major banks will begin to work and will pay in that currency.

Bitcoin will hit $10,000 and even $1 million. Experts predict

Those individuals who are looking for attractive investments in ways that in the future may help to improve the financial situation, should take advantage of the offer.
You just need creates a virtual Bitcoin wallet.
I suggest to create these three wallet. And why??
Because of their advantages is different and obviously needed.

Coinbase - BUY AND SELL DIGITAL CURRENCY. Invite friends and get free Bitcoin.

Xapo - Signup Xapo and get 5000 satoshi welcome bonus! You can specify Xapo debit card as a payment card to your PayPal account.

CoinPayments - Multi-Coin Wallet No doubt that in the future you will use and other virtual currencies. The largest payment processor of over 55 CryptoCurrencies.

Bitcoin is a great investment and a year later, or others, you will be able to enjoy using this excellent investment opportunity.
And the most important thing is;

No one can not controlled, or collect taxes - only you are owner and it's just your vacation or pension fund.

What is Bitcoin?

Free Bitcoins How To Start

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What is Bitkoin Mining?

When I writing about "Mining sites is the sites of passive earnings", I inform you about the mining sites as such; Which is a for-profit Web sites, which has its own rules and set earnings as a percentage of your investment amount. It briefly about them, where you can make Bitcoin, but it is important to fully understand how business people group that provides you the opportunity to earn is a fair and their business model is clear. And only then, being calm and to make sure that this is not a scam, there to register and earn.

What is Bitkoin Mining?

Mining carried out through computers running a piece of software. The software being run is Bitcoin Core, available for free from the Bitcoin Foudation.
Bitcoin mining is a complex mathematical problems that have to be solved,  in order to get the block (25 Bitcoin) in to blockchain which is the transaction as the proof of work, which is new money creation process towards achieving 21 million Bitcoin total supply.
Only transactions (Proof of Work (POW) algorithm) that are added to blockchain is considered final, so that everyone can trust that you are not to spend twice as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange.
This is a lot of resources requires a process, so miners need a high computing devices - graphics card, the ASIC chip, as well as the need to consume a large amount of electrical energy to do this work with proof of work.

Want to see how to look like "Mining Block" then go to the Bitcoin Block Explorer -

Within each block is the bulk of transactions. Bitcoin Block Block # 308022 This is the Bitcoin block was added to the blockchain example. It is 308022th block must be included in the chain of a miner.
You may visit this site, you will notice further transactions, which were included in the block list.

To start pulling a profit on minining, you can't use just any computer. Only specific machines it can do, compute SHA-256 hash functions.

I found on the Internet and the number of articles that this process, if it is to start now, to buy equipment, to run that works well with all of this together with the electricity consumption would be more expensive than that to achieve results.

And, maybe you want to try;) then - Download and install Bitcoin Core. - Open the debug console. - Type "setgenerate true".  - And, You're set.

But as wrote one member of ", he is a true optimist, because when he writes, "you are now solo mining on your CPU, you will burn a lot of electricity and probably never find any block. But if you are extremely lucky you will get some bitcoins before the end of life on Earth." 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Faucet generators from CoinPot microwallet

               Claim anytime on Faucet generators

                 - on faucet generators fromdashboarddashboard wallet.
- what is the benefit of using this microwallet?           
This wallet has a lot of good features.
Let's face it;
That is, you can always Deposit from another faucet or wallet to CoinPot,
Withdraw (without fees) higher amount, 
instant Convert between your coins (without fees) 
 Mine in any currencies which supports this wallet
                          It's a great platform to collect a lot of coins;                        
It's time to accumulate Bitcoin, because soon, its price will start to rise rapidly.
Plus and the fact that the faucet generators allow you to claim with almost no time limit (5 mins / account / IP address).
or claim then when you want - it's important to visit once a day and increase your claim amounts up to 100% by using of the Daily Loyalty Bonus.


Monday, November 7, 2016

Micropayments services is closing

Many people use the faucet, and as an intermediate micropayments services FaucetBOX really knows how to perfectly working, having a good reputation, but as they say, just not this has become a lucrative business.

7th November 2016 FaucetBOX to announce a sad news that they closing. 
From today they disabled creating new accounts and on 19 December 2016 will disable they API, and this means that faucets using will stop working. 
Make sure you’ve reached the payout threshold before 16 January 2017.
They write that "will continue releasing updates of faucet script in the future" and this means that everyone will be able to change and the payout threshold to receive a withdrawal.

For many faucets be the first contact with cryptocurrencies and now  faucet owner must migrated own faucet before 19 December 2016
All members need migrate to other micropayments services. 
Alternative; and

I think that everyone left good memories about his work.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Over the last 3 months Bitcoin had a 40% increase in value

Of course, it is good news that over the last 3 months Bitcoin had a 40% increase in value. Most people get a chance to make more money on various Internet sites, such as trade, mining or faucet.
Are we able to forecast Bitcoin rate rise, or fall?
Although there is no clear answer to this question, some people have speculated it might be related to the fact that China has been a lot of Bitcoin exchanges are seeing increased activity in recent times. This is most likely due to the recent decrease in Yuan.
Another explanation could be that many institutional investors (such as banks and public enterprises) was shooting Bitcoin interest and Blockchain technology lately. For example, some of the largest banks in London are looking to collect Bitcoins to pay off the cyber criminals who pose a threat to reduce their critical IT systems.
May be that the fact that progress has been made in the block size of the board Bitcoin is more demand for Bitcoin.
Now is segregated Witness in order to make transaction smaller in size. That is not mean that the witness is separating from the transaction.
Bitcoin transaction has 3 parts - who sent it, who gets it and a digital signature that verifies the sender has the right to send the coins. Signature is considered a Witness for the transaction.
The signature data, witness, will still be transmitted, but it will not be included within the transaction.
What's special about Segwit is that all the Bitcoin network agreement is not necessary in order to make it work. Means Segwit will work even if some users can not update their software to the new version, making it much easier to implement.

Segwit was invented to help shrink the file size is Bitcoin transaction. This allows for more transactions to be approved each time a block transfer is confirmed. Basically, the goal is to make Bitcoin network to approve more transactions with each block.

Differences between Credit Card and Bitcoin Transactions Online

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Within a few seconds Bitcoin

Within a few seconds Bitcoin currency from the customer's account is transferred to the taxi company representatives. 
Generated QR code. The client also runs Bitcoin payment app, scan the QR code and confirms the payment amount.
This decision is not new. It has a running time of some New York City taxi and limousine companies.
If payment for taxi services by credit card is nothing strange, this settlement still rising Bitcoin currency is a complete novelty not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic countries, as well as in Europe. 
It has become a common way to pay for virtual "virtual" services such as web hosting, web design templates, a variety of memberships and other online services.
The United States and Europe, is rapidly gaining popularity and electronic shops where the goods can be paid by Bitcoin (BTC).
Payment for actual taxi services in Lithuania should increase interest in this virtual currency.

Although the real point of sale and service providers to the currency accepted is still rare, although the mobile payment technology is rapidly gaining popularity. 

In Lithuania Bitcoins still unpopular, although the Lithuanians Internet enthusiasts there are also not so limited.

Look at where can I pay with Bitcoin in Lithuania. 

Sure could use Xapo or other Bitcoin debit card and all ATMs and withdraw euros, and everywhere, in shops, even is not charged fees.

It did;

Moon Garden (hotel-restaurant)
Bazilijonų street 10, Vilnius, Lithuania

Jimmy Jumps House (hostel)
Savičiaus street 12, Vilnius, Lithuania

JazzExpress (taxi)
Ukmergės street 315B, Vilnius, Lietuva

Sinano kebabai
Jono Basanavičiaus street 37, Vilnius, Lithuania

Pilėnai (bar)
Kauno street 1A, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dėvėti (bar)
Sodų street 3, Vilnius, Lithuania

Switch (bar)
Labdarių street 8, Vilnius, Lithuania

SQBY (clothing store)
Jogailos street 11, Vilnius, Lithuania

Aromatų sodas (gift shop)
Stiklių street 7, Vilnius, Lithuania

Centro denticija (dental clinic)
Vilniaus street 25, Vilnius, Lithuania

Barzdaskučiai (men's beauty salon)

Žydų street 2-8, Vilnius, Lithuania

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why do you need to have a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a great investment!
Digital currency Bitcoin becoming more and more pervasive currency. The trend shows that a growing number of people making use of it.
Is it a simple popularity, and everything is done on the basis of popularity, after all can advertise what you want, but and without advertising and only a true value as gold shines in its own way.
And the most important advantage that determines its choice, it is that no global economic organizations that can control its value. No one controls it. Plus another reason is, that Bitcoin exchange rate is growing constantly.

Now can use Bitkoin online in shop or the store where you buy the food, take off your money from an ATM, it's easy and quick and everywhere in the world where using Master Card or Visa.
And have Xapo or Coinbase or other wallet Debit Card is very worthwhile.
Bitcoin is gaining popularity, and soon it will be called one of the best choices.
Those who wish to improve their financial situation should invest in Bitcoin. At present, the price of most available and is expected to soon rise as the latter, the most important and well-known global institutions will pay in that currency.

Those individuals who are looking for attractive investments in ways that in the future may help to improve the financial situation, should take advantage of the offer.
There is a virtual wallet, that, and my mentioned Xapo and Coinbase or CoinPayments, which provides free access to a certain amount of money, give as a gift you and to be able to understand exactly how everything works and how to deal with the system, you can read my blog.
This is a great way to learn the basics, which will be useful in increasing amounts of trade both in the currency and allow it to pay for goods and services.

Bitcoin is a great investment and a year later, or others, you will be able to enjoy using this excellent investment opportunity. Nowhere is not registered (just on blockchain), anyone not controlled, it's just your vacation or pension fund.



Free Bitcoins How To Start

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bitcoin faucet as such

Perhaps you stumbled across the Internet, either intentionally or unintentionally, on sites which offers free Bitcoins and you require just for clicking Claims. Well, the fact that the site is called Bitcoin faucet and there are thousands of such Bitcoin faucet.
Probably encounter at some point. Not many people know about Bitcoin faucet concept.

What is it Bitcoin faucet as such

Is it worth the Web site that is more all over the internet that give away free Bitcoins own visitors. Although the amount of Bitcoins is not so big and it varies from 100 Satoshi (0.000001 BTC) up to 100000 Satoshi (0.001 BTC). When the rate of the USA dollar to BTC is 1 to 732,6, roughly, because it varies and up.
0.000001 BTC = 0,0007326 USD and 0.001 BTC = 0,7328 USD

Now the question is worth asking what is running Bitcoin faucet benefits? 
And how can anyone make money through these faucets?
Firstly. As already mentioned above, the Bitcoin faucet is a site that brings rewards in the form of Bitcoin Satoshi who happens to be the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 

Further examples of units

1 BTC = 1,000 mBTC (millibitcoin)
1 BTC = 1,000,000 μBTC (microbitcoin)
1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshis
1 mBTC = 100,000 Satoshis

1 μBTC (microbitcoin) = 100 Satoshis

Awards for most faucets is not fixed and compensation values vary depending on the specific allegations visitors to the site number. The amount may be less than 100 Satoshi and sometimes it can be up to 10,000 Satoshi and super prizes from 100 000 up to 1 000 000 Satoshi which is very rare.
First Bitcoin Faucet created by Gavin Anderson, who is the chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation and maintainer of the Bitcoin core

And now there are hundreds, even thousands of Bitcoin faucet actively issuing benefits to its visitors.

One of the old and good faucets;

Moon Bicoin

How to Claim your free Bitcoins?

Whenever you visit a bitcoin faucet, first you must to provide your wallet address, that the bitcoin amount will be directly credited to your wallet.
Then, you’ll find a captcha API installed somewhere on the webpage. You need to enter the characters shown in the captcha and then click on the claim button to receive displayed amount of bitcoins.

Why Bitcoin faucet give you free BTC rewards?

Mostly of the bitcoin faucets just placed a large number of ads on their webpages and for each click, they are receive some amount of money depending on the demographics of its members that might be around $0.10 to $1 per click or even more, and why do these faucet attracting the visitors and give out free bitcoins to the visitors.

How faucet visitor can also earn more than just the amount proposed?

Worth a visit and all best Bitcoin faucets you can find grouped into the following sites as or where the faucet is sorted and bad SCAM rejected. 
And - is Micropayments services together and where you will also find a lot of sites created faucet.

That earn more, for this and is designated Referral System on Bitcoin Faucets, because like you want to earn more, so faucet owner wants to ensure that more members are.

That's the main thing, probably through surfing and similar sites is to get huge traffic to their website / faucet to get as many referrals and thus Bitcoin earning much more from These faucets.

In addition, some existing faucet allure visitors to keep visiting the site from time to time offers to earn greater benefits. The more active you are the more rewards you can earn. One of these is, Scratch4Satoshis 

Bitcoin faucet be useful when you to be active, finds traffic, advertising place, finds referrals, if you want to get the real benefits of Bitcoin Faucets
By the way -
The old and in really good, with additional features to earn faucet is a favorite among visitors.
Such asFreeBitBox   Freebitcoin    JoincoinClub  Freedogecoin  Foklers

Therefore, referrals to get here and make it much easier and no one can say that it is a complete waste of time. Earn from one faucet USD 10 per month - it's not so hard to do and I think it worthwhile. - It is also good not only have a referral program, as and 1bitprofit This faucet whose not forgotten.

Earn from free Bitcoin faucet

Monday, September 26, 2016

Blockchain the multi-signature transactions

Anyone who wants to with a smart phone can now have a digital bank account.
Account to your phone as a digital wallet, but instead of using a bank as an intermediary used Blockchain. Anyone can now send money from Europe to America from their digital wallet through Blockchain as quicklyand cheaply as such, make yourself a cup of coffee, it is practically free. 
A bank account in your pocket.
In the early days, Bitcoin was the only digital cash. There are now many alternatives which each offer slightly different features; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc.

Popular Digital Wallet;

It does not cost anything, keep your money in a digital wallet. Freedom flexibility and price of course. And all this for a mediator and as such do not stay - Blockchain system you are connected to the for sending in, or get virtual currency accounts (all accounts equal).

Blockchain exciting new fetures on digital wallets is that the multi-signature transactions (MultiSig).
Its possible to set up a digital wallet, on which the money can only be spent just to get approval from several countries transaction.
For example, you can have a vacation fund, where the money can be spent only if you and your wife to confirm the transaction. You can have labor expense account, where you need to managers for approval and so on.

Most people continue to use traditional banking in the developed world, but more people are finding traditional banking is slow, costing as much, or inflexible, they now have anattractive alternative.

Bitcoin decentralized transaction systems

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Multiply Bitcoin

It's fun to invest in Miner sites and multiply Bitcoin on them. But be careful with those that just appear and disappear with all your invested Bitcoin. What is the thinking in this scam can be, and how to predict that?
Internet projects maybe different from what is happening in reality, but the goals are more of similar.
Today, the reality really implemented a lot of projects in different areas. And they all have basic commonalities, so it makes sense to look at what is a fair project.
First of all, each project expresses a clear and specific goal. The overall goal is to be formulated stage to project completion.
Also, the implementation of each project is expected some changes. In all cases, during the project aims to change the current situation to the desired. The project is characterized and strict time constraints. This means that the project is drawn up for a certain period, it is to set the project in terms of performance. Often the projects are limited to necessary resources. Such resources may be monetary, human, informational, and others. These resource limitation can take place in two ways.
In the first case is declared a resource to be limited. Otherwise, designated the necessary resources needed to implement the project.

Thus, the project must possess certain characteristics. Their is no doubt a lot more, but the basic guidelines for insight on how serious project you come across on the Internet and whether can immediately register or to analysis must focus even extra time, should it become clear just a little cursory analysis and calculated.

Mining sites is the sites of passive earnings

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Become a leader

 We can all be leaders. You just need to become a leader, a leader who leads itself, that your desires rise up to reality.
To become a leader, not everyone wants to, and why? Free and freely accept other is the choice of many people. Free mind, and no negative action, that is this freedom which can be compared with the advent of virtual Bitcoin.

Byzantine generals problem;
"As in a group - network - human / computer / etc, to reach an agreement (consensus), under the following conditions:

Communication transmission channels between network participants are unreliable.
Some participants in the network can defraud or otherwise harm the network.

Everything must be carried out in such a way that you do not trust anyone, which means that the problem be solved without the imposition of central control point or hierarchy ("trusted third-party") - all participants in the network must be equal."

So far we have seen that the leaders simply necessary attention surrounding his action justified. But many leaders have been and now are wrong in their chosen path. These include political and financial, business and other fields.
Old splice leader already do not want to, it is clearly reflected in the world - simply because we have more publicity, and we see their hidden goals and fail to be with yourself.
And with the new millennium, more and more we find a new leader and as such perception of his vision.
And nothing strange in that it is exactly now comes and comes together with virtual currency Bitcoin. To be a leader is primarily just for yourself!

It is hard to imagine the kingdom without a king or an enterprise without a guide, probably in this way and at will, never, and always we will have what is headed, but as a virtual currency Bitcoin management, show us which direction to go public, it is all put together by consensus, which means more transparency and democracy.

About to lead the people are said to have been born in that this individual characteristics. Which is not to have, would result in any way not succeed in achieving its own goal. This is not entirely true. It's full, it is not true.
Of course, certain inherent qualities of character necessary for the person who wants to be a leader: a modest, frightened man, who better to pursue other commandments will never be a successful leader, but also a sociable and responsible person can lift themselves into a leadership position.
Approach, about which I am talking, is not the head of the other, I'm talking, but about to be a leader for themselves, wherever you are responsible for their actions that lead to your success.

The main thing is that you know exactly what you want and to be brave, to not be afraid to criticize himself as a good leader can be only in the field by simply love it and want to go step by step directly toward a higher value.

Bitcoin decentralized transaction systems

                                                                                                                     © 2016 augistune

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Because you cheated

There was a problem? 
Or maybe it's the opportunity? 
Because you cheated scam site. This has become a common phenomenon, and related to Bitcoin sites. When a type of website simply stamping, monthly hosting and disappeared with all your BTC.
And a similar service, of course it will be the week as advertised - Stop, and please do not access to such
Who can best help solve the problems?
This change of attitude. The winning habits that help achieve the objectives are being developed using a particular strategy: on the purpose of holding up the road, how to achieve development.
In this case, Special attention given to the network site analysis. Write down the details, check whether anyone is repeated from site design, addresses,
success talking text, rules and requirements, etc., etc. ...

If traveling toward the goal encounter problems - escape them. No, step over them. And not get involved in the dispute. After all, it's a scam!
You are much better, more important than the issues that you may interfere with the objective to achieve. The most important thing is not to lose the motivation to help you implement desires.
The winning habit is not the twenty-first century approach to the world. It's not running away burning of the eyes to a new adventure.
It's an old business motivation plan that can help you reach your goal.

Most importantly, avoid the negative mood that you can prevent specifically, to travel toward the desired result. In every problem look into like, the possibility that can be converted to their side. 
Understand that everything is possible. After all, it's all about what we think is possible. On the impossible things we simply do not think.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Free Bitcoins How To Start

Congratulations to you if you decided to use Bitcoin, because with this day is the end chargeback fraud and identity theft.
It connects to a free and freedom-aspiring and loving her community accepting Bitcoin.
In the world there are several times more people using the Internet than with a bank account. Thus, accepting Bitcoin payments, vendor expands its potential customer base by several billion people who previously were not available to him.

Now, and you will be as all participants in the network is equal.

And yet - what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital currency, created and held electronically.
No one controls it. 
Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros.
But they are used anywhere around the world because it simple for customers to use bitcoin at millions of businesses around the world.

It’s easy to load your Debit Card with funds from your Bitcoin Wallet or get for fre from many sites and Bitcoin faucet.
It’s easy to use Bitkoin online shop or the store where you buy the food, take off your money from an ATM, it's easy and quick and everywhere in the world where using Master Card or Visa. 
And to have a Xapo Debit Card is very worthwhile.
Plus another reason - Because Bitcoin exchange rate is growing constantly.


In order to receive a free BTC is no doubt that first of all you need to create own personal BTC wallet.

Why did I choose Xapo?
"Xapo aims to provide global banking services for bitcoin but is not designed to provide an anonymous service. Our users have the ability to easily transact, securely store, and even spend bitcoins with a swipe of a card - with such great power comes great responsibility!"
 Signup Xapo and get 5000 satoshi welcome bonus! 

Xapo provide a secure and convenient online bitcoin wallet.
Xapo combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault.
Your Xapo Debit Card automatically links to your Xapo Wallet and allows you to pay for everyday expenses, products and services directly from your card.

Xapo debit card, you can connect to your PayPal account.

You can specify Xapo debit card as a payment card to your PayPal account.

Multi-Coin Wallet No doubt that in the future you will use and other virtual currencies, which requires and good payment processor. And it's such a is. 
The largest payment processor of over 55 CryptoCurrencies.


Protect your coins in the vault, requiring a time amount you specify before being able to spend them.
Multi-Coin Wallet
Optionally store your coins in our secure online 
Auto Coin Conversion
Auto convert for some of our coins, saving you the trouble of moving funds, wasting time and fees.
Zero-Confirm Plugin
Over 41,500 vendors across 174 different countries

Bitcoin is an absolutely new revolutionary concept, product of a new era, product of an open-source project created by Japanese geek Satoshi Nakamoto.
Digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank.

Bitcoin Breakdown:

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 
10 Satoshi = 0.00000010 
100 Satoshi = 0.00000100 = 1 µBTC(youbit) = 1 Bit
1,000 Satoshi = 0.00001000 
10,000 Satoshi = 0.00010000 
100,000 Satoshi = 0.00100000 = 1 mBTC(embit)
1,000,000 Satoshi = 0.01000000 = 1cBTC(Bitcent)
10,000,000 Satoshi = 0.10000000
100,000,000 Satoshi = 1.00000000 = 1BTC

More about Bitcoin;

 What is Bitcoin?


Get your first bitcoins without having to buy them.

Earn from free Bitcoin faucet

Trusted free faucet can get a bonus every hour and try to win a greater amount of virtual currency.

Mining sites is the sites of passive earnings. 



Friday, May 20, 2016

Bitcoin is rapidly spreading

More and more a pluses get Bitcoin in their ease of use and its  popularity has become irreversible. Bitcoin is rapidly spreading in the world virtual currency, which attracts more and more people to their side. Not only physical, but also legal. Companies saw what an interesting way - the opportunity to choose to pay using this currency.
For information about what it is and why it makes sense to use this currency is pretty much. However, when the real need to sign up any page there is a lot of questions. 
How's it going
Since everything happens virtually, in this case, the most valuable information to search on the Internet, where the first steps have already passed people share their experiences.
An additional advantage to use free Bitcoin giving sites, and advantage of this Bitcoin can be obtained even for free. Of course, the amount will be small, but by playing with virtual money will be able to figure out exactly how the system works will continue to decide if you want to buy more.
Bitcoin popular choice, which leads to more and more people prefer this payment for goods and services in a way. It is said that the near future, it will become the official currency, which outrank all other existing options.

Earn from free Bitcoin faucet

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Earn from free Bitcoin faucet

More to learn about Bitcoin sure you find what the heck is fascinated here, and then there is the desire to test themselves and earn some free bitkoin.
It is a common question asked by newbies - Where can I get free bitcoin? 
One of the easiest ways to earn from free Bitcoin faucet.

What is the Bitcoin faucet and how bitcoin faucet works?

Bitcoin faucet that is sites that pay you a small part of Bitcoin called Satoshi, simply for the fact that they visited.
So Bitcoin act as an incentive to bring people to the site.
Faucet sites make their money from advertising.

These sites rely on ads, so they can pay.
And the site owner wants to show more ads and make more money.
The incentive to keep getting more for visiting Bitcoin faucet encourages users to return.

Faucet also has a referral / affiliate programs. It provides users a percentage of profits and owner get the new users.
Bitcoin earned the people, they will tell you to visit the site. This multiplies the amount of visitors and generate more ad views.

It is a mutually profitable business, but you should avoid the robots and tricksters.
To get paid all you have to do is enter your Bitcoin address in the input field, to solve the CAPTCHA and click the action button "Claim".
From faucets to pay small amounts of Satoshi, amount collected in a site called FaucetBox to file your income up to a certain value, then pays you directly to your wallet. Such as Fautsy
Not all faucets to pay too FaucetBox are cumulative faucet, which also need to collect the threshold amount and then you can Withdraw straight to your wallet.
How is this, one of the good old faucet freebitcoin or called Bitcoin generator type Faucets as CetoBeto
Another would pay immediately.
For example Xapo faucets transfer directly into your wallet just by entering Xapo e-mail or code-address. One of this old and good is a moonbitcoin, other Scratch4Satoshis

There are and more ways. And all of them are good in their own way.